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Wild Women Bursary

Camp WILD is dedicated to running a camp that aligns with our core values of community and sustainability. However, our commitment to local food, supporting local organizations and women entrepreneurs, and operating with the earth in mind means that the Camp WILD experience isn’t financially accessible to everybody.

And why? Because capitalism sucks.

Unfortunately though, for now, we operate in this reality. And we’ve known from the beginning that we need structures and elements in place to increase financial accessibility. 

This is the Wild Women Bursary.


What is it?

The Wild Women Bursary is women supporting women. As women have registered for camp they have generously and in solidarity been contributing to this fund.


We will continue to seek support from other community partners and will add more bursaries if and when they become available.


Who is eligible?

Camp WILD acknowledges the challenges that black, Indigenous and women of colour face in accessing outdoor recreation and wellness spaces, including financial barriers. As part of our commitment to fight against these systemic inequalities this year's bursaries are specifically available to black, Indigenous or women of colour who require financial assistance. 

​As our bursary program continues to grow we hope to continue to expand eligibility criteria in future years.


How to Apply

  • The application deadline for 2023 was on August 1st.

  • We believe that all applicants who self-identify as needing support are worthy and we do not believe it is our place to evaluate or judge applications. As such, recipients will be selected through a lottery system. 

  • We commit to notifying all applicants of their status one month before camp

  • Successful recipients will be responsible to pay the remaining registration fee prior to August 10th, or to set up a payment plan that works for them

  • If there has been a change in a recipient's schedule and they are no longer available for camp, the bursary will go to the next selected applicant

  • Bursaries do not carry over for future camps but recipients are invited to apply again in the future

Fern Plant

Together, let’s challenge inequities, expand access, and create a camp community that truly reflects our larger community. Camp WILD is committed to this journey and welcomes your support and feedback in making it a reality.

Huge gratitude to everyone who has helped to make this bursary possible. Thank you to all the women who have donated to the fund, thank you to Firefly Creative Writing for your generosity and openness in sharing your journey and learnings with financial accessibility, and thank you to Bear Hebert for their wisdom on some of the ways that businesses can change the rules of the game.

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